The Awakening S.E.E.D.

Strike Freedomストライクフリーダム

Kira Yamato キラ·ヤマト

For Freedom 

Damm today was fun and exhausting.

  • Went on a long ass hike on Castle Rock.
  • Took some pretty good shots there as well.
  • Finished our night together with Buffet City Chinese food.
  • Took a nice shower after coming home.
  • Hopped on Destiny with phammyysoratane, and her friends.

That last level for the Beta was not wow :(

I should go hiking more.🌲🌲🌲 #nature #hiking
Too much alcohol to hike 😂

Where's my girlfriend Leona?



But I want to play Destiny, too.

Join the fire team with me and phammyy 😄

It is our DESTINY and we are NOT afraid. 

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Shorin-ji Temple - Home of Shorinji Kempo
Shorin-ji Temple, home of Shorinji kempo, is closed to those who are not registered members of the martial art. It is not open to sightseeing, but members can practice there and even arrange to stay in the dormitories and study at the center. Shorin-ji Temple Massive Front gates Once a year,…

That means I can go in there. Since I am a student !! 

10 shots, a bluemoon, and a smirnov ice lol * A *

These are Instagram cookies 😄
Thanks @kaytoowenty I can help fix @frankjuarez77 ‘s EG6.