The Awakening S.E.E.D.

Strike Freedomストライクフリーダム

Kira Yamato キラ·ヤマト

Imagine if I had a Real Weapon

What’s missing? 

Time to save up for the PS4 Destiny bundle.

💪Team Ohammy 😄
same here, I thought mine would be funny when I first made it but it got old fast. I have some games from the store and DLC though, so… idk.

You mean you can’t change it? .-.

Okay, I need to do something about my PSN name. Not digging Erikthebaka anymore.😧

   I got making Onigiri down fairly easily. It’s not hard to start with though, but now I want to start making California and Dragon roll sushi. Especially for the Dragon roll, need to make it creative in my image.

Damm today was fun and exhausting.

  • Went on a long ass hike on Castle Rock.
  • Took some pretty good shots there as well.
  • Finished our night together with Buffet City Chinese food.
  • Took a nice shower after coming home.
  • Hopped on Destiny with phammyysoratane, and her friends.

That last level for the Beta was not wow :(

I should go hiking more.🌲🌲🌲 #nature #hiking
Too much alcohol to hike 😂

Where's my girlfriend Leona?