The Awakening S.E.E.D.

Strike Freedomストライクフリーダム

Kira Yamato キラ·ヤマト

Just Drift Away

Time to go to the Doctor’s again. I’m getting memory loss again dfjasodfj

Ahh that’s why, Its October, the month that I saw a kid get lit up by 5 rounds in his car outside my house. 

Those soul less eyes are stuck in my mind. With all that blood oozing out of the entry wood on his forehead. All you had to do is fucking do your shit in school, and not get yourself into gangs bro. That’s all you had to fucking do, and now look what happened to you. fuck.

Lately, I’ve been staying quite around my friends. Just too much in my mind man.

Fury is a great movie. 

So good that it made me stop eating my popcorn, and drinking soda. 

Damm, when was the last time I watched a good war movie? 

ACT.7 Racers Pride

I’d have Toph be my master any day. UNLESS, Hagata Sensei is present xD.

Triptronic shit, you can downshift in between 3 gears xD