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oh okay

soratane (* ̄m ̄) this is for you I guess.


When one of my followers reblogs the same post from someone else instead of me
Holy shit this paint is good. Project Shingo almost done !!!! 😄😄😄
Primer on the EG6. Going to spray Milano Red after, then get a proper layer of red at a paint shop to finish it off.

My cousin is invading my garage again, so much for my sleep tonight.

Wonder what we’re gonna do to the EG6 this time.

Maybe one day we’ll meet again when we’re different people.

Maybe then we’ll be better for each other.

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LoL: Jax by RattledMachine

I really need Coilovers and a camber kit for my car… I got new rear tires 2 months ago, but 2 weeks ago I checked my 2 front tires and of course, excessive tire wear from the negative camber and all those Touge runs. 

It’s very sad to say this, but I have been developing back & shoulder pain, from most likely me sitting down on my chair for long periods of time doing homework, programming, and gaming. This current chair I am using is not even comfortable, it is cotton cushion so the cushion fades the longer you sit on it. I do exercise here and there, but my future career will have me sit on my chair for long periods of time. I’ve been looking at high quality chairs to help my back, and it looks like DXRacer office chairs look like my best bet. They are basically office bucket seats :’). I feel like I should get a bucket seat for my car first before getting a office chair one HAHA.

My friend Kazune in English class laughed at me when I tried speaking to him in Japanese. When we introduced each other he was like, I’m Kazune, he’s Ryuunosuke, but damm this guy (in Japanese) ! LOL.

My other friend, Naoko-chan  said,

Erik, be careful when Kazune teaches you Japanese. He’s been teaching you harmful words, you must learn proper way ! “adjusts megane”.